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Many homeowners are confused by the various numbers indicating their home’s value. Here are some examples:

  • Property tax assessment: Washington County uses a formula for assessments, but this may not match market value.
  • Homeowners insurance value: Based on replacement cost without land, so it differs from market value.
  • Mortgage balance: Reflects your loan, not current market value.
  • Neighbor’s home value: Similar homes can vary; our team can help assess your home’s worth.
  • Cost when you purchased: Values change over time.
  • Desired value: Pricing correctly is crucial; overpricing can lead to longer market time.

We conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) using recent data to estimate your home’s value. When selling, the home must appraise for the selling price, or adjustments are needed. A CMA blends data with local expertise to compare size, condition, location, and amenities accurately. With nearly 50 years of combined experience and hundreds of successful sales, trust our team to maximize your home’s value. Contact us today at 435-288-0701 or 801-385-080

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